In 2001, we played our first concert in French Guyanna.

Since then, one project following the other (Scelsi, Motian, Coltrane, Hannah Schygulla, Chomon, Hitchcock…), our adventure in a duo setting and our invaluable connivance offers us the experience of an utter « companionship ».

Clarinet and piano: this pairing has travelled down the history of music.

Think of these tandems, that fed our references: yesterday Brahms and Mühlfeld, Weber and Baërmann, Mozart and Stadler ; today Dusapin and Angster, Boulez and Damiens, Portal and Pludermacher. Not to mention the complicity that tied Benny Goodman with Stravinsky, Bartok, Copland, Bernstein.

In spite of today’s tendency to dissociate by all means the composer from the interpreter and to isolate improvisation as a specific practice, in spite of the stubborn determination to pigeonhole aesthetics and genres, we have always dreamed of the reverse.

Namely, to imagine a composition as an ideal kind of improvisation and improvisating as a composing per se.

To question the repertoires, to play, read and reread them. Jazz bears in itself this freshness of approach and reminds us of the attitude of the great composers-improvisers towards music: Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann, Brahms, Liszt…

Isn’t it high time we broke the barriers that maintain arbitrary separations?

We don’t mean to « mix classical and jazz »!

We intend to go beyond that: to revive a forgotten consistency. To freely travel from an improvisation to a page of the written repertoire, on the edge…

This is the plain and simple idea behind these « Visions Fugitives ».

In 2009 Charles Gil invited the two of us for a tour in Finland and the Baltic countries.

We then recorded at the La Buissonne studio, in Southern France.

And the birth of this new label arrives just at the right time.


Jean-Marc Foltz: clarinets

Stéphan Oliva: piano

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Visions Fugitives

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