At the time when I was conceiving of this collection, I was preparing a trip to Latin America that was to take me on the trail of the Inca "Qhapaq Ñan" to the ruins of Tiahuanaco. In the expectation of this journey, I had immersed myself in reading Henri Gougaud's fascinating account The Seven Feathers of the eagle. The shamanic mystique and the mysteries of the high Andean plateaux told in this magnificent book inspired the canvas and breath...

Then the time, the space and the road that unfold so very uniquely on the altiplano gave birth to a musical universe half-way caught between dream and reality. I no longer distinguished between the realm of fantasy and the journey itself, and those compositions blended from a melange of authentic and fictional are the memories that in effect shaped a journal of intimate mythology.

During a time, this music, conceived originally for a trio, remained in suspense. When it came to recording , the guitar combined like a precious colour, closely bound to the story but up to then kept between the lines. This album is an invitation to travel, conjuring up a civilisation that fascinated me as a child, its profound wisdom anchored in mother Earth and its vestiges: the majestic ruins and their stone loaded with memory...


Jean-Marc Foltz: bass clarinet, compositions

Philippe Mouratoglou: baritone guitar

Sébastien Boisseau: double-bass

Christophe Marguet: drums



Jean-Marc Foltz - Viracochas

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