Performance partners for ten years, Vision Fugitive label co-founders and featured artists with solo releases under their belts, clarinetist Jean-Marc Foltz and guitarist Philippe Mouratoglou first initiated their sophisticated dialog with the Steady Rollin’ Man (Vision Fugitive 2012.) Robert Johnson tribute CD, completely recasting themselves in new roles. Comfortable with ‘deviations from the norm’ and just as at ease with a post-romantic repertoire as with contemporary music or experimental jazz, Jean-Marc Foltz is a multi-faceted and inimitable clarinetist in the image of Michel Portal, who can finesse Gershwin with a flair all his own (Gershwin. Vision Fugitive 2016.).

Determined not to be defined by any particular musical style, Philippe Mouratoglou has managed to put his own personal stamp on ‘traditional’ Dowland, Britten and Brower compositions for classical guitar, as well as on the Schubert and Fauré adaptations in his recent release with soprano Ariane Wohlhuter (Mélodies et Lieder. Tròba Vox 2017.), while still mastering free improvisation on steel string guitar soundscapes that travel through familiar and unfamiliar terrain alike (D’Autres Vallées. Vision Fugitive 2016.).

Loosely and liberally inspired by Jim Harrison’s collection of visceral novellas, Legends of the Fall takes us to a land of dreams in ten sequences, carried by the riveting dialog between bass clarinet and its guitar foil featuring adept alternate tunings, the two adversaries aptly punctuated by the fabulous percussion of arbiter Ramón López, guest artist on four tracks.

Music that is quite memorable yet subscribes to no particular genre or identity, Legends of the Fall stakes out its own territory between the sophisticated polyphony of Renaissance lutenists and the quicksilver riffs of Ornette Coleman, folk-like imaginings of Jimmy Giuffre and refined folk poetry of Joni Mitchell. Demonstrating a superior degree of focus, this variety of improvisation is admittedly also the finest of fine arts.


Jean-Marc Foltz : bass clarinet

Philippe Mouratoglou : acoustic guitars

Ramón López : drums

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Jean-marc Foltz – Philippe Mouratoglou « Legends of the Fall »

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Jean-marc Foltz - Philippe Mouratoglou - « Legends of the Fall »

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Legends of the Fall - Jean-Marc Foltz & Philippe Mouratoglou

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