A disciple of Wim Hoogewerf, Roland Dyens, and Pablo Marquez (whom he assisted at the Strasbourg Conservatory), Philippe Mouratoglou had all the necessary skills and legitimacy to become a conventional classical guitarist.
But that was without counting on an open-mindedness and an all-encompassing curiosity that saw him tackle, alone or with various small ensembles, the most diverse genres and the practice of steel-string guitars, six-string, twelve-string, and baritone.

In parallel, in 2012 Philippe Mouratoglou founded the Vision Fugitive label, with clarinetist Jean-Marc Foltz and graphic designer Philippe Ghielmetti, on which he multiplied original projects: after exploring the repertoire of bluesman Robert Johnson (Steady Rollin’ Man, 2012), a guitar trio with double bass and drums with Bruno Chevillon and Ramon Lopez (Univers Solitude, 2018 and Ricercare, 2021), two particularly adventurous recitals where Francesco da Milano meets Benjamin Britten and his own improvisations (Exercises in Escapism, 2013; Other Valleys, 2016) Philippe Mouratoglou also masterfully took up the challenge of infusing new life into the most frequented repertoire of romantic guitar, that of Fernando Sor (2019).

He returns to this classical vein with La Bellezza, a journey through five centuries of music for lute and guitar, from Francesco da Milano to Nuccio d'Angelo, including Giuilo Regondi and Mario Castelnuevo-Tedesco. Much more than a historical or documentary anthology, this is a kind of "grand tour," the initiatory journey beyond the Alps that every aesthete or artist had to undertake to complete their education and sharpen their taste.

An Italy dreamed as much as experienced, a cradle of the arts that influenced all of Europe as well as the New World, this territory of desires and various splendors is traveled at the pace of a walker, in the ever-renewed wonder of a civilization that has made beauty its cardinal virtue.

Gilles Tordjman

Philippe Mouratoglou : classical guitar

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